Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Welcome to The Picos de Europa,

your complete English guide to these beautiful mountains of Northern Spain.

Here you'll find information on the area's wildlife in the nature pages Picos de Europa wildlifewhich are part species identification guides on plants and animals found around the Picos de Europa and part English translations of Spanish news regarding rare species such as the Cantabrian brown bear or threats to their habitat such as the San Glorio ski resort project. Check out the special interest holidays too, such as bear-watching and birdwatching.

Find a friendly place to stay in Picos Holiday Rentals from our selection of self-catering holiday houses and apartments to let in Asturias, Cantabria and Castile-León.

For planning excursions into the mountains you'll need to check current weather conditions and forecasts for the Picos de Europa.

Picos Rock and Snow
And in Picos Rock & Snow you'll find guided mountain activity holidays such as walking and trekking, snowshoeing and ski touring - plus trip reports as well as general mountaineering information. Catch up with the latest expeditions in the Picos Blog. Independent travellers can find trip packages, support and bag transfer services for self-guided routes.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Picos de Europa, whether virtual or real!


Find a Place to Stay in Asturias

Find a place to stay in Asturias

Find a Place to Stay in Cantabria

Find a place to stay in Cantabria

Find a Place to Stay in Leon

Find a place to stay in Leon

Picos Rock and Snow Walking Holidays

Our walking holiday calendar. As you can see most weeks run from Saturday to Saturday although we're flexible if flights don't coincide for you, so some weeks start on Fridays and some on Sundays.

Available to book = First booking sets the level/grade of walking for that week.



April 2024

 20th - 27th - Week Unavailable

27th - 4th - Booked, Level 1 with Places Available


May 2024

4th - 11th - Booked, Level 1 with Places Available

11th - 18th -  Available to Book

18th - 25th - Available to Book

25th - 1st - Available to Book


June 2024

1st - 8th - Available to Book

9th - 16th - Booked, Level 1/2, Full

16th - 22nd - Available to Book

22nd - 29th - Available to Book


July 2024

29th - 6th - Available to Book

6th - 13th - Available to Book

13th - 20th - Available to Book

20th - 27th - Booked, Family Activities, Full


August 2024

27th - 2nd - Booked Family Activities, Full

2nd - 9th - Booked Family Activities, Full

10th - 17th - Available to Book

17th - 24th - Available to Book

24th - 31st - Available to Book


September 2024

31st - 7th - Available to Book

7th - 13th - Available to Book

13th - 26th - Booked, Level 1/2, Full

28th - 5th - Available to Book


October 2024

7th - 16th - Booked, Level1/2, With Places Available 

19th - 26th - Available to Book

26th - 2nd Nov. -  Available to Book


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Bear News

Bear or Dog?

Following the recent heavy snowfalls a photo has been doing the rounds on Spanish social media and even made it to the

The Picos Blog

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