Friday, May 20, 2022
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Meadows, Bugs and Wallcreepers - Up the Cable Car

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Up the Cable Car

De-ticked and undeterred I wasn't going to miss going up the cable car so for an unprecedented third day in a week I was again able to join Teresa, Jeff and co. on one of those magical days when the cable car lifts you through the cloud to emerge into another sphere.









The ground was blue with gentians as we made our way to a shallow pool of water that by summer will have dried up.




This Common wall lizard decided the best form of defense was to stay still and pretend it wasn't there.











A couple of Red-veined darters weren't keeping very still at the pool though. I just caught this one as it was coming in to land briefly.









All very lovely, but the main objective for the day was a certain bird. Not Snowfinch, particularly, nor Alpine accentor.........


...........but after another great picnic and a patient (ish) wait we hit the jackpot! We'd had the pleasure of the "usual" flight and calling overhead and distant views on rockfaces but luck hit Jeff as we wandered back as he spotted this lovely female out of the corner of his eye flitting among the boulders of the scree.


Thanks to all for having me tag along!


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