Giant peacock moth

Family - Saturniidae

Genus - Saturnia

Species - S. pyri

Spanish name - el Gran Pavón

The Giant peacock moth, Saturnia pyri, is the largest moth flying in the Picos, Spain and Europe. Its wingspan width can reach 150mm, leading some to mistake it for a small bird.



Orchards are good places to look for these monsters as the larvae feed on the leaves of the fruit trees.


As in the peacock male bird the Giant peacock moth sports similar eye markings on the wings, though in this case both sexes have them.


The whole body and head appear furry (and in fact are) with the abdomen and tip of head a snowy white. The hairs stop about half-way down the legs. Antennae are feathery, wider in the male (seen here) than the female.


Around the Picos de Europa the Giant peacock moths are on the wing in May.