Friday, May 20, 2022
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  • Current Snow Cover

    A couple of photos to show the current snow cover. First is the San Carlos gully in the eastern massif and second Peña Prieta in the Cordillera Cantábrica.

  • February Ski Touring 2017

    Here are some photos we've been sent from our group ski touring here last week.

  • More Skiing with the Dogs

    You wait years for a video then two come along at once.

  • Ski Touring Feb. 2015

    I've just uploaded some more photos showing the amazing snow cover this winter in the Picos!

  • Snow Forecast and a Video

    Just posting a video and an update on weather conditions for anyone considering booking a spring ski touring or snowshoeing holiday with us. 

  • Sunny Climbing Part 1

    From last September 2016, a route on the completely unpronouncable Aguja de la Ostaicoechaea, a pinnacle that forms part of Peña Olvidada that in turn is a buttress on the south-eastern edge of Peña Vieja, the highest peak in Cantabria.

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