Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Picos Rock and Snow are delighted to announce their collaboration with a new project, Wolf & Bio, run by a locally based wildlife tour company, WildWatching Spain and the Association of Spanish Wildlife Photographers, Aefona. For each client booked on one of our activity holidays we will

 Wolf & Bio Projectmake a donation to the cause.

Wolf-watching tourism in northern Spain has grown in recent years, sadly so has the eternal conflict between man and predator. Last winter a whole (non-conflictive) pack of wolves was illegally shot in the Cantabrian mountains.

The Wolf & Bio project hopes to help stop this happening again and promote a co-existence between farmers and wolves. Donations will be used mainly towards the prevention of livestock losses; providing livestock guardian dogs and training in their management, constructing electric fences, financing the building of temporary shelters for young livestock and leasing pastures for farmers who commit to these best livestock management practices.

Other measures include insurance subsidies and economic compensation following damages by wolves.

Let's help make a live wolf worth more than a dead one! Click on the image for more information on the project.


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