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Cantabrian Brown Bears

Bear or Dog?

Following the recent heavy snowfalls a photo has been doing the rounds on Spanish social media and even made it to the

Guardian's week in wildlife images. The photo was taken by a resident of the village of Prioro, just south of Riaño in León, through a glass door at the house entrance. Apparently the animal ran away when the door was opened. Despite a female bear with two cubs having been seen in the vicinity last autumn the Fundación Oso Pardo have doubts as to whether the photo is of a young bear. I agree, those ears look more like a dog's to me.

oso-perro-prioroWhatever, the fact that the photographer's first instinct was to grab his camera can only be good news for the fragile eastern population of Spain's brown bears.


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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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