Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Cantabrian Brown Bears

Corridors for Brown Bear Conservation

The results have been published of the LIFE+ Bear Corridors project co-ordinated by the Fundación Oso Pardo (Brown Bear Foundation).

Brown Bear Corridors

"Cantabrian bears are divided into two subpopulations
genetically isolated and separated since at
least the mid-twentieth century by an area denominated
the Interpopulation Corridor, of approximately
50 km in width and covered by major
communications infrastructure (roads, highways,
railway lines) and with various nuclei of human activity
(mining, ski resorts) and some more planned
or under construction. This corridor is essential for
the connectivity of the brown bears in both the genetic
and demographic sense and the lack of connection
significantly impairs the recovery of the
subpopulations, especially the eastern one."

Click on the image to go to the Brown Bear Foundation's website for the pdf summary of the project, in Spanish and English.


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