Monday, November 29, 2021
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The San Glorio Project

Biodiversity 100, San Glorio in the Guardian

Last October the Guardian newspaper started a campaign "to compile a list of 100 tasks for world governments to undertake to tackle the biodiversity crisis," 

Biodiversity 100. Among the 26 actions proposed for Europe is the San Glorio ski resort project.

paradise-in-dangerThe Spanish press have picked up on this. There's a video here from the news on the Spanish television channel La Sexta titled ·"Paraíso en Peligro" worth watching even if you don't understand the Spanish. The caption "San Glorio es uno de los parajes naturales que más peligran en nuestro país. Los osos pardos que lo habitan se ven amenazados por una estación de esquí que cuenta con el beneplácito de la Junta de Castilla y León" translates as "San Glorio is one of the most threatened wild habitats in our country. The brown bears that live in it are at risk of extinction through a proposed ski resort that has the approval of the regional Castile-Leon government."

More on local developments here soon.......


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